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Porto Katsiki, Egremnoi, Kathisma – clear blue waters and awarded beaches: this is the first image that comes to mind when someone thinks of Lefkada. However this hospitable Ionian island is a destination that has a lot more to offer than just beaches. Green trails, unspoiled landscapes, awarded beaches, traditional villages and gastronomic surprises. Lefkada fulfills every holiday need and covers every taste and every type of accommodation. Admire its sights, try the delicious food, take a cruise and relax on beautiful beaches.

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Ένα Τριήμερο στη Λευκάδα A three-day Stay in Lefkada »
Οι Παραλίες The Beaches »
Accommodation in Lefkada

The island of Lefkada, which gradually directed to milder forms of tourism, offers many types of accommodation to suit your aesthetic preferences but also your financial capabilities. In our catalog you can easily find all types of accommodation available in Lefkada, Meganissi Kalamos and Kastos, such as rooms, studios, apartments, hotels, traditional houses, luxury villas, and camping. See accommodation »

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I will be in Lefkada this summer to collect the goodies.
Edwin Akker
Lefkada is the best place to be
Ute Doerr
We love Lefkada!
Linda Adams
Milos, Egremni, Porto Katsiki, Agiofili... beautiful
Vesna Ivkovic
Lefkada is beautiful, and feels like home to me!
Georgina Moody
Lefkada is a paradise on earth!
Dejan Vasovic
People... Egremni... the freedom... the food...
Ulea Coralay-elena
Relaxing, 50 shades of blue... Lefkada is a heaven on Earth!
Maja Milinkovic
Lefkada... feels like home
Sandra Portic
Best place to surf... Very friendly people and a beautiful island
Sylvie Bialecki
Ι will spend the summer there.
Rainer Kilian
It's the place that makes me happy no matter what!
Lavyy La
I love Lefkada because OF EVERYTHING :)
Vladimir Todorovic
Beautiful small island. To surf, to swim, to explore. Whatever you do, you always feel nice!
Dragica Vasiljevic
Lefkada is a heaven
Aphrodite Zoitas
Lefkada, I’m coming to see you for the first time this year!
Andjelko Radlovic
I love Lefkada, it is the best place, it has the best beaches!
Miroslav Pesic
It is a magnificent island... it is small but has so many beautiful places to explore!! Once you have been there, you always want to return!
Marjon Seven Islands
Lefkada is the best island in Greece. Thank you for creating this page and keep us updated with beautiful memories. We need this to survive among summertimes.
Costin Ionescu
I fell in love with Lefkada! It’s the perfect place for a beautiful honeymoon! I will certainly return there! With love from Romania.
Anrdeea Agavriloae
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