Reasons to advertise in Lefkada Slow Guide covering a success since August 2010 managed to establish itself on the first page of google search entering the key word Lefkada. The reasons are the following:

  • It is a bilingual website (Greek- English) about Lefkada which offers all the necessary information to the visitor of the island, but also to the local people. It was created by natives and people who love the island.
  • Is the site of the publishing firm fagottobooks, reputed for decades for the reliability of its publications, both in the field of education as much as for its editions on Lefkada and the Ionian Islands.
  • The information it provides is based on the material of fagottobooks publications, that have originality and interest and do not merely regurgitate the dull repetitious data generally found in the Websites regarding Lefkada.
  • It offers a comprehensive travel guide paired with plenty of photographic material based on the acknowledged and translated into seven languages edition “Lefkada –The Complete Guide” by publishing house Fagottobooks, which focuses on keeping its content constantly updated. The suggested routes are enhanced with the innovative use of the Google map.
  • It offers valid information through the unique bilingual online newspaper LEFkada ZIN that aspires to contribute in what is semantically coming out of its logo in Greek (Ef zin), meaning the Living Well at Lefkada, the place we chose to live.
  • It has modern ideological placement that promotes the alternative and mild forms of tourism (slow travel) which gain more and more ground, especially in the European countries.
  • It offers a complete business directory well structured where all the professionals of the island are listed for free.
  • It offers search filter by region.
  • It offers special advertisement to all the interested companies at a minimum cost.

In detail, the types of entries are:


Your company is listed in the corresponding category and appears in alphabetical order along with the rest of the free entries.

  • Visible business information: Name, company owner, address, telephone, fax, mobile and contact via email option.
  • Search by region filter.

You too can enter your business, entirely without charge.

Ordinary ad

Your company is listed in the corresponding category and appears above the free entries and along with the rest of the simple advertisements.

  • Present your business through a 100 word text and a preferred image which can be enlarged with a click.
  • Also provided is a search filter according to your region and a separate filter based on the rate per night (accommodation only).
  • Visible business information: Name, company owner, address, telephone, fax, mobile, contact via email option, website, facebook link, operating period.
  • Additional options for the accommodation category only: Special services (in icons), number of rooms, category class, suggested price, rooms capacity, and a direct button for reservation (e.g.
Preferential ad

Preferential advertisements appear first in the corresponding category list and above the rest of simple advertisements. At first glance, the advertisement looks similar to a simple advertisement (text, photograph, contact information and services).The main difference is in the option "more". By clicking on "more" you can see your own business page where you can have:

  • A detailed description text, up to 1500 words including all the facilities and services of your company.
  • Your business logo.
  • Up to 15 photographs which can open as a slideshow.
  • Google maps location (Google point) with photograph and caption.
  • Evaluation link (e.g. TripAdvisor).
  • Social media buttons (facebook, twitter, etc.).
  • A separate field dedicated to presenting "offers" and "announcements" based on your choice.
  • Video integration and other multimedia.
  • A chart featuring stay rates.

See more details for advertising in our website and the rest of our promotional products at the Media Kit.


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