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If spending your vacations in Lefkada is not enough and you feel that this is the place where you belong and you are ready to face all the challenges of living in a small place then be welcome! You are a person of great courage and endurance, someone who knows what is best and is ready to go after it. From now on a great adventure will start! In Lefkada island you can find organised real estate brokers who can assist you find the land or property that you are looking for as well as experienced architects and engineers who can be at your side in every aspect of this exciting journey in order to make your dream a reality. Maybe you will ask yourself a couple of times why you did it but be sure that by the end it is all worth it. An advice from we all that have gone through it: believe your instinct. For those who already own a residential property, a country home or a tourism business in Lefkada and they need to do maintenance or restoration, our directory will be very helpful to find a technician from all fields as well as shops with construction materials and gardening equipment.

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